April 3 will see UNLEASHED COOPERATION kick-off second stage of the JAZZ PO POLSKU Around The World Project

Unleashed Cooperation will go on tour through the Balkans and the countries from the Three Seas Initiative. Quintet will play 13 live shows in 8 different states. The tour will start on April 3 and last until April 27, and is is organized as part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU “Around the World” project.

Unleashed Cooperation concerts in the Balkans and the Three Seas Initiative countries will kick-off this year’s edition of JAZZ PO POLSKU “Around the World” project, inspired by the feats of Paweł Edmund Strzelecki, a traveler who was the first Pole to circumnavigate the World in mid 1800s out of his own initiative. The quintet from Poznań city, will attend festivals – on April 5 at the Jazz Factory Festival in Bitoli, North Macedonia, the other on April 24 at JZ HR in Zagreb, Croatia. The band will also give club shows and visit Austria, Czechia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. The band includes Krzysztof Kuśmierek – sax, Patryk Rynkiewicz – trumpet, Patryk Matwiejczuk – piano, Flavio Gullotta – double bass, and Stanisław Aleksandrowicz – drums.

Unleashed Cooperation on its artistic road tries to explore various forms of musical articulation. Their focal ideas are generic openness, freedom and free musical expression. They are laureates of several of Poland’s major jazz festivals, including Jazz Juniors, Jazz nad Odrą and Krokus Jazz Festival. The band put out a very well received “8 Years” album. The 2022 LP released by Multikulti Project is the effect of many years of experience and musical searches the band has had in the sea of free jazz, improvisation and ethnic music.

„When we formed the band we wanted the word “cooperation” to be its important element. To us it has a symbolic meaning both in terms of music and as a social aspect. We believe that through collective actions we are able to change the surrounding world for the better” – said the band’s sax player, Krzysztof Kuśmierek.

The JAZZ PO POLSKU „Around the World” project has taken the form of an international concert tour which has Polish artists play live on 4 continents within a 3-year period. The project kicked-off last May and has so far included more than 60 events in 10 countries, which involved 12 bands. This year more Polish artists will visit remote parts of the World, including China, Egypt, India, Japan, Korea and Canada.

The JAZZ PO POLSKU „Around the World” Project is carried out by the JAZZ PO POLSKU Foundation. The honorary patronage over the project has been taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Its partners include: Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Polish Airlines – LOT, and the Industrial Development Agency Foundation. The Unleashed Cooperation tour is supported by the Embassy of Poland in Belgrade, Embassy of Poland in Skopje, Embassy of Poland in Zagreb, Polish Institute in Bratislava, Polish Institute in Budapest. Patrons: Polish Radio Program 3 (Trójka), Polish Press Agency, the Institute of Economic Diplomacy Foundation, Jazz Forum Magazine.. 

Krzysztof Kuśmierek – sax, Patryk Rynkiewicz – trumpet, Patryk Matwiejczuk – piano, Flavio Gullotta – double bass, Stanisław Aleksandrowicz – drums

03.04 SERBIA, Subotica, Jazzire Festival
04.04 SERBIA, Belgrad, Vikasha Jazz Club
05.04 NORTH MACEDONIA, Bitola, Jazz Factory Festival
06.04 NORTH MACEDONIA, Skopje, Audiokultura
08.04 SERBIA, Niš, Koncept 22
09.04 SERBIA, Sombor, Kljun
10.04 SERBIA, Novi Sad, CK13
20.04 SLOVAKIA, Banská Bystrica, Hogo Fogo
21.04 CZECHIA, Brno, Jazzový bar U kouřícího králíka
22.04 HUNGARY, Budapest, If Jazz Cafe
24.04 CROATIA, Zagreb, JazzHR Festival
25.04 AUSTRIA, Graz, Cafe Wolf
26.04 SLOVENIA, Prulcek
27.04 SLOVAKIA, Bratislava, Jazztikot