Presenting a wide spectrum
of Polish jazz & avantgarde musicians.


A music project, that presents a wide spectrum of Polish musicians from the jazz & avantgarde scene.

It also helps in establishing cultural cooperation and integrates artists from many countries. The project aims at refreshing the image of the Polish jazz music on the international arena. The project comprises the festival and Polish jazz days (JPP Festival), independent promoter (JPP ON TOUR) and the record label (JPP Records). 

JPP has so far organized Polish concerts at 2012 Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark), 2013 JazzBerlin (Germany), 2014 & 2015 Jazzmeile Thüringen (Germany), as well as at the 2015 Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival (Scotland). „ON TOUR” edition was launched with the Imagination Quartet’s China tour in 2014, Michał Milczarek Trio’s performance in Germany in 2015 and PInk Freud & Jazzpospolita Live in China tour 2015 (Beijing Nine Gates, Oct-Loft Festival). The first CD released by JPP Records was the Imagination Quartet’s album „Live in China”. JPP has been founded and coordinated by Jakub Krzeszowski and supported by Plateaux Foundation.