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Albert Karch – Yuta Omino Project on tour in Japan

At the turn of October and November, Albert Karch – Yuta Omino Project will give a series of performances in Japan. The band will visit six cities, playing eight concerts. The tour is a part of the project Jazz Po Polsku. 

From the 12th of October, the ensemble will perform in Chiba, Fukui, Nagoya, Saitama, Shizuoka and Tokio. The musicians will play both in jazz clubs and on festival stages. The final concert of the tourne will take place on the 3rd of November in Nerima City in Tokio on Mori no Jazz Festival (森の Jazz 祭), the day before musicians will enter the analog Dede Studio in Tokio to record their first album.

The core of the band are Albert Karch – drums and Yuta Omino – double bass. During the tour, Albert and Yuta will be joined by Takako Yamada and Momo Otani on piano, Hiroyuki Ishikawa – trumpet and a french guitarist Christophe Pannekoucke.

I love japanese language and culture, Yuta loves european jazz – it seemed so obvious for us to start playing together. So many of my biggest musical discoveries and inspirations come from Japan. The album which we will soon record is going to be full of delicate music, breath, space, colors… With this music, I would like to show my gratitude to japanese musicians who inspired me and have shown me musical worlds that completely changed me – Albert Karch anout upcoming concerts.

The Albert Karch – Yuta Omino Project concert tour is a part of the project Jazz Po Polsku and announce the long-term cooperation between polish and japanese artists in both countries. The tour is organized in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Polish Institute in Tokio.

Jazz Po Polsku presents a wide spectrum of young Polish jazz musicians, helps in establishing cultural collaboration and integrates artists from many countries. Since 2012 the project has organized many events all over the world, and allready 100 in Asia.


12.10, Chiba, Clipper 19:00

13.10, Fukui, Cafe Ragtime Classics, 19:30

18.10, Tokyo, inF, 20:00, feat. Momo Otani

19.10, Shizuoka, Analog/Hamamatsu Jazz Week, 20:00, feat. Takako Yamada

20.10, Nagoya, Cabarello Club, 20:00

22.10, Saitama, Salon Honjo, 20:00

01.11, Tokyo, Bar Time, feat. Momo Otani, feat. Momo Otani & Christophe Pannekoucke

02.11, recording session in Tokyo

03.11, Tokyo, Mori no Jazz Festival, feat. Hiroyuki Ishikawa

Albert Karch, born 1993, drummer and composer. He recorded several critically acclaimed albums, written music for theatre and performed at many important European stages, including Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Tete-a-tete Opera Festival in London or Jazz nad Odra in Wroclaw. Awarded ‚album of the year 2014’ for Sundial by trio Jachna/Tarwid/Karch, ‚Debiut of the year 2016’ for MiNim Experiment’s album ‚Dark Matter’ and ‚musician of the year 2016’, all from the main polish jazz review webpage „polish.jazz”.

Yuta Omino, is a highly active player on the japanese music scene. Omino started learning jazz at Chiba university and Hitotsubashi university. While attending university, he was actively performing at many venues throughout Japan. Playing with many different styles of jazz established his well-rounded playing style.With his beautiful tone and lyricism, he is recognized as a highly in-demanded musician.Released several albums as sideman, recently started his own trio performing music inspired by european jazz scene.

Takako Yamada, pianist and composer. Educated at Kunitachi College of Music in Japand and Berklee College of music in USA. Takako released seven albums as a leader, drawing attention from audience and critics for her album “The Flow of Time”. Awarded with silver medal at Asakusa Jazz Contest. In 2015, Takako started piano trio “Tre Fanger” with aim in exploring european jazz.

Momo Otani – Momo was introduced to various genres of music from an earlier age by her mother, a piano and Electone (Japanese electronic organ) teacher. In 2010 she began studying at Senzoku College of Music in Tokyo, majoring in the Electone. Through the influence of renown jazz pianist and lecturer Yuki Arimasa, however, Momo was inspired to change majors and began studying jazz piano at the age of 20. Since graduating she has been active on the Tokyo jazz scene with her own piano trio in addition to many local and international musicians.

Hiroyuki Ishikawa, discovered jazz in his high school days and since then has been following the path of a jazz musician. After hahing studied classical and jazz at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and Berklee College of Music, Hiroyuki have mastered a unique trumpet tone. Since his graduation in 2008, he has been very active on the japanese music scene – leading his “Hiroyuki Ishikawa Group” that performs music written by Ishikawa, but also joining many other projects, including Mononkul, Kyoko Sato Little Orchestra, Mariko Hirose with Purple Haze, Blacksheep3D, Ryo Konishi Large Ensemble, Kenichi Akatsuka Big Band, D-musica Large Ensemble, MALTA Big Band and many more.