New Edition of JAZZ PO POLSKU „Warsaw Live Sessions” begins now!

50 original performances by the top Polish jazz musicians will be held as part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU „Warsaw Live Sessions.” The project will include, among others, Dominik Wania Quartet, Paweł Kaczmarzyk Trio, Piotr Damasiewicz Into The Roots, Stryjo. Mike Stern, the legendary American guitarist, will be our special guest. The venue is JASSMINE club in Warsaw. The Sessions begin on 29th of January with Mateusz Gawęda Trio.

JAZZ PO POLSKU returns to JASSMINE club after the well-received series “Live Sessions For China & Korea 2022”. From September to December last year, the musicians recorded live shows presented in front of the Warsaw audience and then released in Asia. In the coming months, on Sunday evenings at JASSMINE, we will be able to see the Polish artists again, as well as some foreign guests, who will present their music as part of the “Warsaw Live Sessions” project. The cycle will feature as many as 50 concerts over three years.

In the coming year 2023, the “Warsaw Live Sessions” will feature the leading artists of the Polish jazz scene, including the winners of the Fryderyk Award – Piotr Damasiewicz, Nikola Kołodziejczyk, Mateusz Smoczyński, and Dominik Wania. There will also be performances by some members of the young scene, like Follow Dices, Klawo, Piotr Matusik Trio, Siema Ziemia, Sebastian Zawadzki Trio, as well as winners of one of the oldest jazz festivals in Poland – Jazz Juniors Festival: Ziemia and Kuba Banaszek Quartet. The special guests of the Warsaw edition of JAZZ PO POLSKU will be American musicians—the legendary guitarist Mike Stern and trumpeter Freddie Hendrix, and the Ukrainian duo Misha Kalinin and Roksana Smirnova. The program also includes concerts by Ilona Damięcka Trio, Adam Golicki Project, Wojciech Jachna Squad, Rafał Jackiewicz Quartet, Michał Martyniuk Quintet and Sylwester Ostrowski & Jazz Brigade.

“One of the most important elements of the Warsaw edition is supporting the local scene, as well as developing international collaboration and integrating creative circles from other countries”, says Jakub Krzeszowski, creator of the JAZZ PO POLSKU project. “The proposed program is universal and addressed to a wide range of audiences. Within three years, as many as 50 bands will perform within this project, performing various types of jazz, contemporary and improvised music. For the needs of the project, the artists will also create works inspired by Warsaw”, adds Krzeszowski. The project will last three years and will take place on Sunday evenings at the JASSMINE club in Warsaw.

As part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU „Warsaw Live Sessions”, the audience will have the opportunity not only to listen to the original music of leading Polish jazzmen, but also to take part in “live” broadcasts of concerts. Performances recorded on video will be available on social media, and selected audio tracks on streaming platforms. All concerts will be rebroadcast on the air of the radio media patron.

As part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU project, several hundred events by Polish artists have been held abroad so far, including regular concert tours in Asia. The project debut in 2012 at one of the largest jazz festivals in the world (Copenhagen Jazz Festival) was due to musicians visiting China and the far corners of Central and Central and Eastern Asia, but also giving concerts in Europe.

The organizer of the JAZZ PO POLSKU “Warsaw Live Sessions” project is the JAZZ PO POLSKU Foundation, and it is co-financed by the City of Warsaw. The partners of the project are: Jassmine, Jazz Juniors, Foundation Institute of Economic Diplomacy. Media patrons: Warsaw Insider.



29.01.2023 Mateusz Gawęda Trio | KUP BILET
Mateusz Gawęda – piano; Alan Wykpisz – kontrabas; Grzegorz Pałka – perkusja 

12.02.2023 Piotr Damasiewicz Into The Roots | KUP BILET
Piotr Damasiewicz – trąbka, harmonium, głos; Zbigniew Kozera kontrabas – gumbri; Paweł Szpura perkusja

26.02.2023 Stryjo Nikola Kołodziejczyk – piano; Maciej Szczyciński – kontrabas; Michał Bryndal – perkusja

05.03.2023 Adam Golicki Project feat. Mike & Leni Stern
Mike Stern – gitara; Leni Stern – gitara; Rafał Sarnecki – gitara; Piotr Lemańczyk – bas, Adam Golicki – perkusja

12.03.2023 Wojciech Jachna Squad Wojciech Jachna – trąbka; Marek Malinowski – gitara elektryczna; Jacek Cichocki – instrumenty klawiszowe; Antoni Olszewski – kontrabas; Mateusz Krawczyk – perkusja, perkusjonalia

02.04.2023 Freddie Hendrix, Sylwester Ostrowski & Jazz Brigade Freddie Hendrix – trąbka; Sylwester Ostrowski – saksofon tenorowy; Miki Hayama – piano; Jakub Mizeracki – gitara; Essiet Essiet – bas; Owen Hart Jr. – perkusja

23.04.2023 Misha Kalinin & Roksana Smirnova Duo – Misha Kalinin – gitara; Roksana Smirnova – piano

07.05.2023 Piotr Matusik Trio – Piotr Matusik – piano; Alan Wykpisz – kontrabas; Patryk Dobosz – perkusja

14.05.2023 Paweł Kaczmarczyk Trio – Paweł Kaczmarczyk – piano; Alan Wykpisz – contrabass; Grzegorz Pałka – drums

11.06.2023 Siema Ziemia – Kacper Krupa – saxophones and synthesizers; Fryderyk Szulgit – guitar, synthesizers; Paweł Stachowiak – base, moog; Andrzej Konieczny – drums, synthesizers.

18.06.2023 Sebastian Zawadzki Trio — Sebastian Zawadzki – piano; Maciej Kitajewski – contrabass; Kacper Skolik – drums

10.09.2023 Michał Martyniuk Quartet — Michał Martyniuk – piano; Jakub Mizeracki – guitar; Bartłomiej Chojnacki – contrabass; Patryk Dobosz – drums

24.09.2023 Kuba Banaszek Quartet – Kuba Banaszek – piano; Marcin Konieczkowicz – sax; Tymon Trąbczyński – contrabass; Max Olszewski – drums

08.10.2023 Dominik Wania Quartet – Jarek Bothur – tenor and soprano saxophones; Dominik Wania – piano,; Piotr Narajowski – contrabass; Grzegorz Pałka – drums,

22.10.2023 Follow Dices – Mikołaj Kostka – violin, Franciszek Raczkowski – piano, Jan Jerzy Kołacki – contrabass, Adam Wajdzik – drums.

05.11.2023 Ilona Damięcka Trio feat. Mateusz Smoczyński—Ilona Damięcka – piano, vocal; Mateusz Smoczyński – violin; Michał Jaros – contrabass; Krzysztof Szmańda – drums

19.11.2023 Ziemia – Oskar Tomala – guitar; Mateusz Żydek – trumpet; Jakub Wosik – contrabass; Alan Kapołka – drums

03.12.2023 Rafał Jackiewicz Quartet – Rafał Jackiewicz – sax; Piotr Dziadkowiec – piano; Maciej Kitajewski – base; Michał Dziewiński – drums

10.12.2023 Klawo – Alicja Sobstyl – flut, vocal; Malina Midera – piano, synthesizer; Karol Tchórz – trumpet; Tomasz Rafalski – drums; Artur Szalsza – base; Konstanty Kostka – piano, synthesizer