Even more Polish jazz in China.

1 December 2021 saw the launch of the first Polish jazz internet radio in China – Radio Jazz Po Polsku. Created by Jakub Krzeszowski, the founder of the Jazz Po Polsku label, it is a non-commercial music station dedicated to the Asian market. The platform to listen to Polish jazz and improvised music.

The project’s goal is to provide an opportunity for the local listeners to get in touch with the current jazz scene from Poland, especially with bands who had already toured in the Middle Kingdom. The radio will also allow you to listen to concerts recorded during Chinese festivals like, for example, Nine Gates Jazz Festival in Beijing or Oct-Loft Jazz Festival in Shenzhen, frequently visited by the Polish artists.

The schedule is open to all who would like their music to be aired on the Radio. For the project’s sake we also plan on recording new studio live shows in Poland and airing them subsequently. Currently, a Chinese fan finds it hard to listen to Polish jazz without any technical difficulties. All known music channels and social media are unavailable in China. Radio Jazz Po Polsku is the first dedicated, independent and non-commercial Polish music channel operating freely in China. In the long term, I believe it will create new possibilities especially to Polish artists whose music will simply be available to all the people over there – says Jakub Krzeszowski, the radio’s Editor-in-Chief.

In the years 2014-2019 the Jazz Po Polsku project allowed for over 200 events, participated by over 100 Polish artists, to be held in China. The Radio is available  at www.radiojazzpopolsku.cn, is free and directed to the Chinese listener. It has a non-commercial character and was created as part of the scholarship program by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and its goal is to promote the Polish jazz and improvised music in China.