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Jazz Po Polsku Live In China 2016

In September-October, JAZZ PO POLSKU returns to China with 25 concerts by Rafał Sarnecki Quintet, Grzegorz Karnas Formula, Stryjo and Stanisław Słowiński Quintet. Concerts are held as part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU project, promoting Polish jazz in the international arena.

The third JAZZ PO POLSKU in China will last 45 days, from 9th September till 25th October 2016. The tour includes Beijing, Changchun, Changzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Zhongshan. Polish musicians will perform at the biggest jazz festivals in the north and south of China, as well as in theatres, cultural centres and clubs. They will also conduct music workshops at universities. The project shall culminate with a final concert, The Polish Jazz Standards, to be headlined by both Polish and Chinese musicians and held in Xinghai Concert Hall, the most prestigious concert hall in the south of China.

The tour begins in September with Rafał Sarnecki Quintet – the multinational formation of Polish, American and Chinese musicians. They will give four performances in Beijing (7-11.09) after which they appear in a series of concerts at the prestigious JZ Clubs in Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shanghai (14-20.09). Rafał Sarnecki, a New York based guitarist, will conduct a series of individual workshops on polyrhythms in various music styles to be held at local music academies.

On 11th October, during the Nine Gates Festival in Beijing, the Chaoyang Theatre shall host the performances of a multiple-award winning Grzegorz Karnas Formula, an experimental trio Stryjo, led by a two-time Fryderyk Award winner Nikola Kołodziejczyk, and Stanisław Słowiński Quintet – the winner of Jazz Juniors 2015. The musicians will also appear in clubs, as well as conduct music workshops at universities. In September and October Beijing will host a total of twelve JAZZ PO POLSKU events.

Grzegorz Karnas Quartet returns to the Nine Gates Festival with the performance in both Polish and Mandarin, prepared especially for the tour. The musicians will then play at jazz festivals in Changchun, Chengdu, Nanjing, Suzhou, and at Xinghai Concert Hall in Guangzhou (24.10). Grzegorz Karnas will conduct music workshops on vocal improvisation at music academies.

This year’s tour shall be completed with the final concert by JAZZ PO POLSKU ENSEMBLE, introducing the music by the legends of Polish jazz such as Krzysztof Komeda, Bronisław Kaper, Zbigniew Namysłowski and Zbigniew Seifert. The Polish-Chineese septet features Rafał Sarnecki (guitar), Adam Bałdych (violin), Annie Chen (vocals), Nathaniel Gao (saxophone), Katarzyna Pietrzko (piano), Zhang Ke (double bass) and Grzegorz Masłowski (drums). Rafał Sarnecki has arranged the music especially for this edition. ‘We will present very intricate rhythms and harmonies of modern jazz alongside the lyrical and soulful compositions inspired by Slavic tunes,’ says Sarnecki. The concert will take place on 25th October at Xinghai Concert Hall.

JAZZ PO POLSKU is also introducing the exhibition of behind-the-scenes photography by Maciej Głowiński documenting last year’s JAZZ PO POLSKU tour featuring Pink Freud and Jazzpospolita.

JAZZ PO POLSKU LIVE IN CHINA 2016 is organized by the Plateaux Foundation, co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and supported by the Chinese Jazz Association,, Polish Institute – Culture Service of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Beijing and Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Guangzhou, Chengdu and Hongkong.
JAZZ PO POLSKU is a music project that presents a wide spectrum of young Polish jazz musicians. It also helps in establishing cultural cooperation and integrates artists from many countries. JPP has visited China three times with the Imagination Quartet’s China tour in 2014 and the performances by Pink Freud and Jazzpospolita in 2015.


07.09 BEIJING, Contemporary Music Academy
08.09 BEIJING, Jinaghu
09.09 BEIJING, East Shore / Western Academy
10.09 BEIJING, Western Academy of Beijing
14.09 BEIJING, Blue Note,
15.09 SHANGHAI, Wooden Box
16.09 CHANGZHOU, Blank Space
17.09 ZHONGSHAN, Friends Bar
19.09 GUANGZHOU, JZ Club
20.09 GUANGZHOU, JZ Club / School of Arts Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
22.10 HANGZHOU, JZ Club + feat. Annie Chan


11.10 BEIJING, Nine Gates Festival / Chaoyang Theatre
12.10 CHANGCHUN, Jilin University of Arts
13.10 CHANGCHUN, Jilin University of Arts
14.10 SUZHOU, Jiangsu International Jazz Festival
15.10 NANJING, Jiangsu International Jazz Festival
16.10 NANJING, Jiangsu International Jazz Festival
20.10 CHENGDU, Music Academy
21.10 CHENGDU, West Village
22.10 CHENGDU, West Village
24.10 GUANZGHOU, Xinghai Concert Hall


11.10 BEIJING, Nine Gates Festival / Chaoyang Theatre
12.10 BEIJING, Contemporary Music Academy
13.10 BEIJING, Contemporary Music Academy
14.10 BEIJING, East Shore
15.10 BEIJING, tba


11.10 BEIJING, Nine Gates Festival
13.10 BEIJING, tba
14.10 BEIJING, Contemporary Music Academy
15.10 BEIJING, tba

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