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MM3 on tour in Vietnam. Jazz po polsku on tour 2016

Michał Milczarek Trio will give a concert tour in Vietnam. One of the most interesting young bands on the Polish jazz scene perform twice at Hue Festival and in local clubs. Concerts are held as part of the project Jazz po polsku, promoting Polish jazz in the international arena. 

Michał Milczarek Trio will perform at the Hue Festival, the bigest music festival in Vietnam. Concerts will take place on 30th April and 1st May. Polish band will play  also two days earlier in Hanoi’s Rock City (28th April, Thursday).

Hue Festival aims to emphasize the cultural heritage of Hue city, Vietnam’s former Royal Capital. UNESCO listed its most significant monument – the Citadel of Hue City – as a World Heritage site. The Polish team of architects, led by Kazimierz Kwiatkowski, greatly contributed to the restoration of the Citadel after the Vietnam War.

MM3 bandMichał Milczarek Trio is one of the most interesting young bands on the Polish jazz scene. The group creates instrumental music which is a combination of modern jazz, rock and electronic. It is known as one of the fastest prospering groups in Polish improvised music. The band is known for a very intense concert activity, and Trio performances are considered to be extremely spontaneous and presenting jazz in a decidedly rock perspective.

MM3 has performed at many prestigious festivals: International Ethno-Jazz Festival Flugery Lwowa, Jazz Bez Festival (Ukraine), Warszawa Singera Jewish Culture Festival, International Theater Festival Eye On Culture. The band has won the competition „Jazz Phonographic Debut of the Year”. They released three records: EP The Big Game (2012) and two longplay Squirrels and Butterflies (2014) and  just released Ambient Works (April 2016).

Concerts are held as part of the project Jazz po polsku, promoting Polish jazz in the international arena and is carried out in cooperation with the Embassy of Poland in Hanoi, Hue Festival and Plateaux Foundation.

Michał Milczarek – Guitarist, composer and arranger. Leader of Michał Milczarek Trio (MM3) project. Together with the band he recorded The Big Game (2012) EP and Squirrels & Butterflies (2014) debut album. He feels most comfortable around jazz, R&B, blues and rock. However, he can find his way around any music genre. As a session musician he works or has worked with Edyta Górniak, Michał Urbaniak, Magda Tul and Envee.

Mateusz Modrzejewski – drummer. Worked and performed with Michał Urbaniak, Maria Sadowska, Ras Luta, Gary Guthman and Sławek Uniatowski, among many others. Mateusz has his own project named Taktoprawda, which collaborates with the top jazz and hip-hop artists from Poland. In 2012, he took first place in the drumset contest at the International Drum Festival in Opole. In 2010, he took first place in a drum pattern interpretation contest held by Mike Johnston and the Modern Drummer magazine.

Bartek Łuczkiewicz – A versatile bassist hailing from Starachowice. Together with Good Stuff band he won third prize in the XXVI Jazz Juniors competition and the Grand Prix in the category of „jazz” on FAMA in 2003. With Dwootho, he recorded the album Space Preassures published by the Polish Radio, won first place on Comblain La Tour Jazz Festival (Belgium). He performed at jazz festivals in Romania, Belgium, Slovakia and Ukraine. He collaborated with Mark Raduli – playing for over a year in his quartet, as well as Michał Urbaniak, Olek Klepacz, Kayah, Kuba Badach, Kasia Cerekwicka and Piotr Cugowski.

Jazz po polsku – is a music label, presenting a wide spectrum of young Polish musicians from the jazz/avantgarde scene. It aims at refreshing the image of Polish jazz music on the international arena through presenting the most prospective bands from Poland. Organized concerts so far twice in China, and several times in Denmark, Germany, Great Britain. Has been founded and coordinated by Jakub Krzeszowski and supporting by Plateaux Foundation. There is no doubt that music from behind the former Iron Curtain has energy and potential, which the world is only now coming to realize. Jazz po polsku gives jazz lovers around the world a taste of this uniqueness.