JAZZ PO POLSKU is a music project presenting a wide spectrum of Polish musicians from the jazz & avantgarde scene.

It aims at refreshing the image of Polish jazz music on the international arena through presenting the most prospective bands from the Polish music scene. It also helps in establishing cultural cooperation and brings together artists from many countries. Since 2014, the Jazz Po Polsku project has already organized more than 300 events for 20 bands in Asia. Last year three bands from Asia were touring in Poland as part of a bilateral cooperation,  JPP has been founded and coordinated by Jakub Krzeszowski and supported by Plateaux Foundation.

JPP has so far organized Polish concerts among others at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2012 (Denmark); Jazzmeile Thüringen 2014-2015 (Germany); OCT-Loft Jazz Festival 2014-2019 (China); Beijing Nine Gates Festival 2015-2018 (China); Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival 2015-2017 (Scotland); Guangzhou Jazz Festival 2016 (China); Hue Festival 2016 (Vietnam); Penang Island Jazz Festival 2016-2017 (Malaysia), World Youth Jazz Festival 2017-2019 (Malaysia), Java Jazz Festival 2018-2019 (Indonesia), Rainforest Jazz Festival 2019 (Korea), Taichung Jazz Festival 2019 (Taiwan), Philippines International Jazz Festival 2019.

The proposed program is always versatile, vibrant and vital. There is no doubt that music from behind the former Iron Curtain has energy and potential, which the world is only now coming to realize. JAZZ PO POLSKU gives jazz lovers around the world a taste of this uniqueness.

So far the project host the following bands: Rafał Sarnecki Quintet, Stanisław Słowiński Quintet, Grzegorz Karnas Formula, Paweł Kaczmarczyk Audiofeeling Trio, Tomasz Chyła Quintet, High Definition, EABS, Michał Milczarek Trio, Leszek Możdżer, Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet, Marek Napiórkowski Sextet, Monika Borzym Quintet, Aga Derlak Trio, Pink Freud, Jazzpospolita,  Stryjo, Michał Martyniuk Quartet, Confusion Project, Kuba Cichocki Quartet, Bogna Kicińska Quintet, Imagination Quartet, Alber Karch-Yuta Omino Project, Levity, HERA, Fusion Strings Quartet, Wojtek Justyna Trio, GMO Trio, Nowicki-Święs-Frankiewicz Trio, Tomasz Licak Sextet, Niechęć, Biotone, Mikołaj Gruszecki Trio, Szymon Łukowski Quintet.

Last years also Asian bands have been touring in Poland as a part of the JAZZ PO POLSKU. Establishing the model of bilateral cooperation between Polish and Asian musicians, is one of the brightest point in upcoming years. So far, Poland has hosted bands like Jun Xiao Quintet from China, SunJee Lee Quintet from Korea and Imran Ahmed Trio from Bangladesh.